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Tramigo T22 Major Features

Find position Trip history Speed alert Tow-away Alert
Ignition Sensor In-vehicle listening Tramigo Landmark Data  

Tramigo is a completely new and unique way to track and guard your assets and loved ones. Tramigo T22 combines mobile technology (GSM) with satellites (GPS) and can be used with any mobile phone. No montly or annual fees, you only need to add a local SIM card and your Tramigo T22 is ready to use. The desciption of Tramigo T22 major features are as shown as below:

Tramigo Landmark Data
Up to 10 000 pre-loaded landmarks of your country. Nationwide and regional coverage in 220 countries. User can add customized locations, such as home, office etc.

Find - Location of T22 unit
Check location with SMS / text message - Tramigo replies with text referring to the closest landmark. Tramigo can also report you the nearest three landmarks and send you automated distance or time based location messages.

Automatic Reporting
Monitor speed, trips and create your own zones. Receive automatic alerts to your mobile phone. (Speed Alert, Tow-Away Alert and Engine Ignition Sensor)

T22 has an in-built GSM phone with easy dial to selected numbers. Personal Assistance Button SOS / Alert message to multiple receivers. (In-Vehicle Listening)

Double Security - Silent Alarm
Motion detector - Invisible GPS security shield - Personal assistance button.

Portable Design
In-built long life battery; use as a portable unit or with easy installation. Enhanced GPS reception. Use anywhere, roam with quad-band GSM modem.

Tramigo M1 Move* [+] More detail
Install M1Move to your smart phone and monitor your fleet anywhere with ultimate convenience and privacy! All T22 commands are just one keystroke away! Additionally you can visualize the location with MoveMap™ feature or check any T22 location message in Google Maps with detailed TLD landmarks - Google Maps has never been so easy to use.

Tramigo M1 Fleet* [+] More detail
M1 Fleet PC Software and Tramigo T22 bring fleet management and monitoring to a new level. As free software there are no monthly or annual license fees: plug-and-play corporate vehicle and personnel tracking and monitoring made affordable and user-friendly. M1 Fleet is also specifically designed for vehicle recovery and security operations.

* M1 Move and Fleet softwares are tools that enhance the T22, but are not obligatory: T22 can be used with any GSM phone with easy to use commands without any additional software or phone model requirements!

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