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PC Software - M1 Fleet and GSM Modem

M1 Fleet Software and GSM Modem

M1 Fleet Modem is a device for PC allowing an easier, more secure and fun way of tracking your fleet, staff, family vehicles and loved ones. M1 Fleet software is recommended to install in M1 Fleet Modem when you are tracking several T22s same time.

Benefits for Fleet Owners

M1 Fleet is ideal for SME fleet daily management and for large fleet safety and security applications. TLD Landmarks gives you instant understanding of the vehicles' or staff location and makes Google Maps or Earth faster and easier to understand. You can let your staff track the vehicles at the office with M1 Fleet PC software and track the vehicles with M1 Move while you are on the road or in customer meetings.

M1 Fleet requires a modem (M1 Fleet Moderm) to send and receive SMS and we have tested the Siemens TC65 (Quad band) or TC35i (900/1800). You can order these modem kits directly from Tramigo. M1 Fleet is designed to support any GSM v7.0 standard modem, however we only support the Siemens modems.

M1 Fleet Screenshot M1 Fleet Screenshot M1 Fleet Screenshot


  • Maps - Tramigo location is displayed using Google Maps or Google Earth. Users can chose to view maps, satellite pictures or both.
  • Alerts - High priority reports from your Tramigos are highlighted and can also activate an audible alert sound when using in a monitoring center.
  • Live Tracking - Display the location of incoming reports automatically for one or all your Tramigos.
  • Smart Track - By pressing one button you can turn on several tracking options quickly to closely track stolen vehicles or expensive cargo. The unit icon changes red so you can see at a glance your important Tramigos.
  • Breadcrumb Trail - See the places that your Tramigo has travelled during one or several trips over a day, week or month
  • Control Center - From the Control center tab you can set all the main reporting options for each Tramigo with a few mouse clicks. Trip, Speed, Alarm, Zone, Distance, and Time reports are easier to use.

Installation is easy: Download this file and run setup.exe. System requirements are listed in the User Manual. [+] Click here to download M1 Fleet PC software



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